260 Evatt to Glasgow

Cablegram 143 CANBERRA, 24 August 1943


I notice that Dr. Soong [1] appears to be conferring with Roosevelt and Churchill and it is most important that you should appear in the picture as representing Australia, and that you should understand that it is most embarrassing for Canada and China to appear included whereas Australia makes no showing at all.

I would be glad if you would make this quite clear to Churchill who will understand that the public reaction in this country is to be closely watched and who always accepted my view that on these occasions appearances are of the utmost importance. Further it is expected that you will give full reports as to what the proceedings are and what decisions have been taken. I am sure that if you will show this telegram to Mr. Churchill and the President they will understand the position thoroughly whereupon it can be made known to the press that Australia, through you, is taking its part and is being kept fully informed.

1 Chinese Foreign Minister.

[AA:A989, 43/970/49]