261 Glasgow to Evatt

Cablegram unnumbered QUEBEC, 24 August 1943


I saw Churchill again this afternoon and showed him your telegram.

[1] He said that the main discussions were between Roosevelt and himself only in consultation with the Combined Chiefs of Staff.

Canada was not included but advantage had been taken of the presence of the British Chiefs of Staff to have joint Anglo- Canadian staff conversations. Soong [2] was only invited because the question arose of operations in Burma involving the use of Chinese troops. He said that he would be giving full details of the broad decisions reached at the conference to the Pacific War Council in a few days when he goes to Washington. You will also be receiving certain information through the Dominions Office. [3]

As regards publicity he undertook to make a specific reference to Australia in a broadcast which he is to give before he leaves Quebec. The press are being informed that Mr. Churchill and I have conferred again. I am informed that Bracken told the press conference yesterday that Australia would be kept fully informed.


1 Document 260.

2 Chinese Foreign Minister.

3 See Cross's letter of 3 September and Antrobus's letter of 13 September on file Defence:

MP1217, box 576, Global Strategy, Meeting of Mr Churchill and President Roosevelt in Quebec, August 1943.

4 On 27 August Glasgow dispatched a message from Churchill reassuring Evatt and Curtin that the Quebec Conference had been a purely Anglo-American staff conference. See cablegram 153 of 27 August on file AA:A989, 43/970/49.

[AA:A989, 43/970/49]