63 Bruce to Curtin

Cablegram 171[A] LONDON, 20 October 1942, 12 noon


Your telegram No. 9551. [1]

Our manpower problem fully recognised and the necessity for the return of the 9th Division appreciated. The Chiefs of Staff are now examining the problem with a view to return at the earliest possible date. Owing to the operation which is now imminent [2] and the part in it which has been allocated to the 9th Division, the date of its withdrawal from the front line depends on developments in the immediate future.

1 Dispatched 17 October. On file AA:A816, 52/302/143. It instructed Bruce to see cablegram 461 (Document 62) and to 'follow the situation closely to ensure that action is satisfactory and expeditious'.

2 The El Alamein offensive.