64 Curtin to Bruce CANBERRA, 22 October 1942

Cablegram 9684,


Your cablegram 171[A] of 20th October, 9th Division. [1]

It is desired to point out that:-

(a) owing to the reasons previously stated, no further reinforcements for the 9th Division are being despatched from Australia;

(b) the Government is not agreeable to the Division being broken up by replacement of wastage from ancillary and other units;

(c) it is essential that the Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, should have regard to this position in his use of the Division.

Attention was invited to this in my cablegram Johcu 38 of 30th July to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. [2]

2. In view of the manpower position outlined in cablegram No.461 to the Dominions Office [3], and the military position in the South-West Pacific Area, the Government is obliged to reaffirm the purport of Johcu 38.

3. Please emphasise the crucial importance of the above considerations to the United Kingdom Government. [4]


1 Document 63.

2 Document 12.

3 Document 62.

4 Bruce replied on 23 October (see cablegram 173A on file AA:M100, October 1942) that he had confirmed with the Chief of the Imperial General Staff that the Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, had been instructed accordingly and that the instructions would be repeated that afternoon.