146 Beasley to Evatt

Cablegram 432 [1] [PHILADELPHIA], 11 May 1944, 11.44 p.m.


I.L.O. Report 33.

1. Berle of State Department came to Philadelphia this morning as a result of developments here. During an informal talk Burton suggested that though this conference had recommended a conference on employment [2] this was without meaning if no date fixed particularly as the United States Government had made it clear that they thought the time was inopportune. In other words the monetary conference might be impossible if there were no employment agreement and no fixed intention to discuss one. He stated it as his view that the United States Government would undertake to state the date and place before holding monetary conference. He seemed anxious to have it here because of the effect on public opinion.

2. Article 7 discussions were raised and Burton pointed out that we have not at any time had the opportunity to discuss matters directly with United States and the present situation caused by consequent lack of understanding of our position. Berle agreed that U.K.-U.S. discussions should be expected to include us and others directly interested.

3. Berle is convinced that the present meeting at London [3] is discussing Article 7 and they are awaiting the outcome. I assume you will keep me advised.

4. He states that overall economic body should be set up by early next year. They do not want the I.L.O. to be the body but I.L.O.

would be as it were a legislative or consultative body and not the executive or administrative body.

5. Berle is anxious to arrange some discussions in Washington on these broader aspects of Article 7. I think that we may be able to help to establish our point of view but shall await your advice before getting involved in such informal discussions.

1 Sent through the Legation in Washington.

2 See Document 145.

3 i.e. the Prime Ministers' meeting.

[AA:A989, 44/1320/13/3]