166 Minter to Evatt

Letter CANBERRA, 26 May 1944

I have the honor to inform you that I have received instructions from the Secretary of State to convey to the Commonwealth Government the following message:

'The publication of the joint statement of technical experts [1] recommending the establishment of an international monetary fund and setting forth the principles for such a fund has been deeply gratifying to this Government as marking an important step toward post-war international economic co-operation. Undoubtedly the Government and people of Australia have been equally pleased by this evidence of the common desire of the United Nations and the nations associated with them in the war to co-operate in meeting the economic problems of the post-war world.

'The President of the United States of America now proposes, as a further step toward the realization of this objective, to call a conference of the United Nations and the nations associated with them, for the purpose of formulating definite proposal for an international monetary fund and possibly a bank for reconstruction and development. It would be understood of course that the delegates would not be required to hold plenipotentiary powers and that the proposals formulated at the conference would be referred to the respective Governments and authorities for their acceptance or rejection.

'I have the honor, therefore, on behalf of the President, cordially to invite your Excellency's Government to send one or more delegates to participate in a formal monetary and financial conference of the United Nations and the nations associated with them to be held in the United States begining July 1, 1944.

'I am pleased to inform your Excellency that the Delegation of the United States to the conference will be headed by The Secretary of the Treasury. The names of the other delegates of my Government, as well as information regarding the seat of the conference and arrangements for the meeting will be communicated to your Excellency at a later date.

'Because of my Government's belief that the formulation of definite proposals for an international monetary fund and a Bank for reconstruction and development in the near future is a matter of vital concern to all of the United Nations and the nations associated with them, my Government sincerely hopes to receive the favorable reply of your Excellency's Government at the earliest possible moment, together with the names of all members of the Australian delegation.'

Accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

For the Minister


1 See Document 120, note 3.

[AA:A989, 44/735/56/8]