248 Curtin to Churchill

Cablegram Johcu 81 CANBERRA, 12 August 1944


1. You will recall my discussions regarding the importance to the British Commonwealth of flying the Union Jack in the impending operations in the Pacific [1] and my recent cable regarding a British Naval Force associating with the present command in the Philippines attack. [2] I wish to emphasise this matter now.

2. There is developing in America a hope that they will be able to say they won the Pacific war by themselves, even though they seek the maximum aid hoping to keep the publicity regarding British Forces limited.

3. I am deeply concerned at the position that would arise in our Far East Empire if any considerable American opinion were to hold that America fought a war on principle in the Far East and won it relatively unaided while the other Allies, including ourselves, did very little towards recovering our lost property.

4. I put this matter to you frankly as one of deep and far- reaching consequence to our future role and prestige in the Pacific sphere.


1 Document 125.

2 See Document 212.

[AA:A5954, BOX 560]