268 Fraser to Curtin

Cablegram 151 WELLINGTON, 4 September 1944, 9.25 p.m.


Following from the Prime Minister for the Prime Minister.

You will remember that at the Canberra Conference in January last, the question of further similar discussions was raised and it was then generally understood and agreed that there might well be a meeting in Wellington towards the end of the present year. This is in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 37(a) of the Canberra Agreement. [1]

2. With the rapid development of events, both in Europe and in the Pacific during the past few months, it seems to me very desirable that we should meet in order to review the working of the Agreement and to exchange views on the many important questions of mutual concern arising thereunder. I should be delighted to welcome you and such of your Ministerial colleagues as seems appropriate to the Dominion for the purpose. As to the time, I would suggest that, if it fits in with your plans, November would be the most convenient as I anticipate that we shall not be clear of the present session of Parliament and of the Labour Party Conference before that time.

3. If these arrangements are acceptable, the detail of an agenda could be settled between us, but tentatively it might include such subjects as the following:-

(a) Armistice and post hostilities planning-particularly in the Pacific (Articles 7 to 11 of the Agreement).

(b) Collaboration in matters affecting the welfare and advancement of native peoples in the Pacific (Articles 28 to 31).

(c) Co-operation in security and defence (Articles 13 to 16).

(d) Civil aviation (Articles 17 to 23).

(e) Development of trade and joint planning of industrial development (Article 35(c)).

1 Document 26.

[AA:A989, 44/735/832/11]