275 Dixon to Curtin and Evatt

Cablegram 847 (extract) WASHINGTON, 9 September 1944, 2.29 p.m.


World Organisation On receipt of your telegram 1350 [1] I arranged that Cadogan should receive copy at once with the request that he should do everything possible to secure assent to your views of other parties to the Dumbarton Oaks discussions. I gave Berendsen a copy and discussed the matter with him at length and also circulated copies to the Canadian, South African and Indian representatives.


The first meeting after receipt of your telegram was held yesterday afternoon and I took the opportunity for an oral re- statement of your views, emphasising the salient points. I also stressed your desire that the United Kingdom should, if possible, refrain from committing itself to any draft before consultation with the British Dominions (paragraph [2] of your telegram 1349

suggestions Australia might wish to make with a view to strengthening the proposals in the direction of your views, particularly those indicated in paragraphs 2, 4 and 6 of your telegram 1350.

Cadogan, gave us the latest information regarding the work of the formulation committee on sections I to VIII of the draft agreement including the clauses dealing with the council and assembly. We have been informed that the Dominions Office has telegraphed Dominion Governments texts of sections I to VIII. [4] These texts are fluid and from day to day are being discussed with a view to revision and improvement. It would merely be confusing to try and keep you informed from day to day of every text variation discussed but we shall endeavour to keep you informed of any important matters which have been agreed to or upon which agreement is unlikely to be reached.

[matter omitted]

[AA:A989, 44/630/5/1/11/5]

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2 L. G. McCarthy, Ralph W. Close and Sir G. S. Bajpai, respectively.

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[3]). Cadogan remarked that he would be glad of any drafting