314 Dunk to McFarlane

Cablegram 965 [1] WASHINGTON, 9 October 1944, 7.48 p.m.


For McFarlane from Dunk.

Please see telegram 964 [2] on Stage II of Lend Lease.

After separate discussions with Keynes and Ben Smith, my personal point of view is that we should not act independently provided that special considerations applicable to Australia after the end of the European War and during continuance of the Pacific War are covered. The United Kingdom delegation is thoroughly aware of our particular problems and favourably disposed to them and I am sure that they will do everything possible to present them on top line committee level.

Keynes is interested in the trend of dollar credits accruing from United States forces expenditure in Australia. I told [?him] that on the present disposition of troops, we did not look to this to give us any substantial amount of dollars in the future. Please telegraph me latest estimates on these as soon as possible.

1 Sent through the Legation in Washington.

2 Document 313.

[AA:A571, L41/915A, iv]