349 Evatt to High Commissioner's Office in Wellington

Cablegram 251 CANBERRA, 16 November 1944


Please convey at once the following personal message from me to Mr. Fraser.

Begins. Forde and I are very surprised and indignant at Dominions Office telegram No. 325 to Australia and 265 to New Zealand. [1] I think a strong reply is called for and we shall submit ours to you before despatch. Mr. Curtin is still in hospital and will not resume duty before January. Reference to proceedings of the Prime Ministers' Conference and to cables that have passed on this matter do not by any means bear out statement in telegram No. 325 and the principle of colonial mandate or trust was clearly embodied in Clause 28 of Australia - New Zealand Agreement [2] and has never been varied by the two Governments. Ends.


1 Document 347.

2 Document 26.

[AA:A3196, 1944, O.31529]