72 Evatt to Bruce

Cablegram 34 CANBERRA, 10 March 1944


For Bruce from Evatt. Your telegram No.32[A]. [1]

Please inform Chilean Ambassador that the Australian Government will welcome the appointment of a Chilean Consul-General de Carriere in Australia, and will consider after his posting here the question of diplomatic designation for him. We shall also be glad, to consider, in due course, the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Chile and Australia.

2. I must point out that your communication to the Ambassador reported in the third paragraph of your telegram under reference does not express accurately the views or policy of the Government, which is certainly not opposed to the establishment of diplomatic relations with any country with which we have common interests.

Indeed because of contiguous interests in Pacific and for other reasons we hope soon to complete diplomatic exchange with Fighting France. [2]

1 Dispatched 2 March. On file AA:A989, 44/145/5/4/1. Bruce advised that the Chilean Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Manuel Bianchi, had asked him whether the Commonwealth Govt would agree to establish diplomatic relations with Chile. Bruce had replied that his Govt's policy 'was not to extend its diplomatic representation', although it would welcome the appointment of a Chilean career consul to Australia. Bruce conveyed the text of Bianchi's letter proposing Manuel Eduardo Hubner as career consul and suggesting Hubner act as Charge d'Affaires.

2 The exchange of Ministers with Fighting France was in fact delayed for reasons outlined in Document 326, note 5.

[AA:A989, 44/195/1/34/1]