4 Dunk to Shedden

Teleprinter message [CANBBRRA], 2 January 1946

Reference Dominions Office telegram D.2290 of 22nd December [1] and 12627 (U.N.0.34) of 23rd December [2] from High Commissioner's Office, London. Trusteeship.

1. Prior to any decision on a declaration of intention to bring Australian mandated territory under trusteeship your views are sought as to defence considerations affecting such decision.

2. With a view to considering terms of possible trusteeship agreements with States directly concerned [3] it will be appreciated if you would also advise on:

(a) designation of strategic areas in accordance with Article 82 of Charter [4] (assuming intention to bring mandated territory of New Guinea under trusteeship).

(b) defence provisions which should be included in any trusteeship agreement for New Guinea.

3. Since question of making declaration as to mandates will arise during first part of General Assembly meeting commencing January 10 early advice on para.1 above is requested.

1 This cablegram sought Dominion views on a proposal before U.K.

Cabinet to have U.K. mandated territories placed under the U.N.

Trusteeship System.

2 Volume Vill, Document 475.

3 Article 79 of the U.N. Charter anticipated, with some imprecision, the negotiation of trusteeship agreements 'by the States directly concerned'.

4 Articles 82 and 83 of the U.N. Charter allowed for dependencies to be designated as strategic areas and subject to the Security Council's surveillance rather than the General Assembly's.

[AA:A1838/2, 936/3/1]