131 Shedden to Strahan

Memorandum MELBOURNE, 16 March 1946



Reference is made to your minute of 22nd February, 1946, forwarding copy of letter from the Office of the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom, Canberra, dated 20th February. [1]

2. It has been noted that suggestions have been made that a suitable site and facilities might be made available in Australia for the development of research in connection with guided projectiles and that in this connection the United Kingdom authorities suggest that in the first instance it might be well if a Mission could be sent from the United Kingdom to Australia to discuss the above requirements and what arrangements might be made between the authorities concerned in the United Kingdom and Australia.

3. This matter has been discussed with the Prime Minister by the Acting Minister for Defence [2] and approval has been given to a United Kingdom Government Mission, on the lines proposed, being received in Australia.

4. It is requested that the United Kingdom High Commissioner be advised accordingly.


1 Presumably Document 99.

2 F.M. Forde.

[AA:A461, K337/1/11, i]