133 Department of External Affairs to Legation in Washington

Cablegram 433 CANBERRA, 20 March 1946


Security Council.

Please convey immediately, in writing, to Secretary-General, United Nations in New York or Washington following message from Minister for External Affairs:

'Australia as a member of the Security Council requests that it should be informed officially by the Secretary-General of any international situations or disputes which may be brought before the Security Council. [1] These matters are of great moment and proper notice of them should be given to members of the Council so that the representation of each member should be, if desired, on highest political plane.

It is the opinion of the Australian Government that where the Council may deal with important situations or disputes at least fourteen days notice should be given. Anything less is quite inadequate in the case of Australia because of distance.

Council Meeting called for the 21st March, and subsequently postponed until 25th March, was intended to deal mainly with procedural matters. If important matters of substance are to be brought forward it is requested that the Council should not actually deal with them until at least fourteen days after 25th March.'

1 On 19 March Oldham had informed the External Affairs Dept that Lie had received a copy of a note addressed to the President of the Security Council from the Ambassador of Iran bringing to his attention a dispute between Iran and the Soviet Union and requesting that it be included on the agenda of the Security Council, which was due to meet on 25 March.

[AA:A1838 T189, 854/10]