153 Watt to Hodgson

Cablegram UNY10 CANBERRA, 29 March 1946


1. Have discussed your Security 8 [1] and [11] [2] with Minister, who is disturbed at their contents.

2. Apparently Soviet Union accepted fact that Iranian matter had been placed on Agenda; yet situation was allowed to develop in such a manner that no agreed formula was found to resolve subsidiary problem, viz., mutually satisfactory time for dealing with this item.

3. Reference in paragraph 9 of your Security 8 to 'verbal instructions' [3] is regarded as gratuitous.

4. Prime consideration is impartial investigation of real facts.

Close questioning of Persian Ambassador, who should produce all relevant documents, seems essential.

5. As received by us, paragraph 12 of your Security [11] refers to 'private meeting of principal representatives'. Who are principal representatives? Such meeting seems even more objectionable than private meeting of all members of Council.

6. We understand that weather has prevented telephone communication between United States and Australia for some days.

Suggest however you should telephone Minister at earliest to give full background information.

1 See Document 150, note 1.

2 See Document 150, note 2.

3 Paragraph 9 noted that Hodgson 'took an early opportunity of speaking strictly to the question of postponement and in so doing followed cabled instructions and verbal instructions communicated by the Minister to Hasluck and himself'.

[AA:A3196, 1946, 0.6288]