161 Department of External Affairs to the Legation in Washington

Cablegram 517 CANBERRA, 2 April 1946


Your FEC.52 and 54 Inter-Allied Trade Board. [1]

1. The relationship between the proposed Board and the F.E.C. and the extent to which its decisions would bind the United States Government are not quite clear. Glad if you would discuss whole subject with other British Commonwealth delegations and report fully.

2. We agree generally in the proposal to establish the I.A.T.B. to advise the United States Government provided:

(1) It is responsible to the F.E.C. for carrying out the general trade policy laid down by that body.

(2) In the event of failure of Board to reach unanimity, the matter is referred to the F.E.C.

(3) That the Export-Import Division of S.C.A.P. is internationalised. (We regard this as essential to be effectively represented in the organization actually handling trading transactions in Japan both for purposes of information and to safeguard Australian economic interests.)

1 Dispatched 30 March, they conveyed the text of the Board's terms of reference to be submitted to the F.E.C.'s Economic and Financial Committee. Each government represented on the F.E.C. was to be represented on the Board.

[AA:A1838/2, 479/2/1]