177 Brookes to Dunk

Cablegram 33 BATAVIA, 8 April 1946, 11 a.m.


At the plenary sitting of the Conference which took place at 4 p.m. on March 30th at the Ambassador's residence', Van Mook and Sjahrir agreed that the following points were accepted by both parties and would be implemented, subject to the agreement of the Hague. The points are:-

(1) The Netherlands Government recognises that the Republic of Indonesia is the de facto authority for Java and Sumatra except for those territories at present occupied by Allied forces.

(2) The Netherlands Government and the Republic of Indonesia agree to work together to establish a federal state which would include all parts of the Netherlands East Indies; this federal free state to be a partner in the Commonwealth comprising Netherlands, Surinam, Curacao and the federal free state of Indonesia.

(3) Both parties agree to open discussion on the structure of the free state of Indonesia taking as a rough basis relationship between the republic of France and the republic of Vietnam. [2]

If the Hague agree to these proposals, both the ultimate sovereignty of the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia will be recognised and thus the face of both parties will be preserved.

Sir Archibald Clark Kerr will not return to Java.

I have graded this telegram 'Top Secret' as Van Mook did not propose to communicate the points until after his arrival in the Netherlands.

1 i.e. the U.K. sponsored Dutch-Indonesian discussions (see Documents 74 and 123), presumably held at the residence of Clark Kea.

2 See Document 123, note 1.

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