188 Australian Government to Addison, Fraser, External Affairs Department New Delhi

Cablegrams 171, 117, 40 CANBERRA, 12 April 1946, 9.30 p.m.


Allied Council for Japan.

Macmahon Ball has asked for instructions on the following points.


(a) I assume that Council Members should individually or collectively seek not merely to review, but to initiate, proposals if they feel such proposals are necessary to carry out effectively F.E.C. directives.

(b) I assume that I should do whatever possible to reconcile American and Russian points of view, in particular, that I should openly support those declarations of democratic principles which the Russian Member seems anxious to make while showing caution in committing myself to support his specific requests to S.C.A.P.

(c) The question of appointing three Deputy Secretaries-General will arise at the next meeting. Should I support Russia in the opinion that a Deputy Secretary-General should be appointed from each of the Three Powers to work under the American Secretary- General, though my own view is that such appointments would tend to create unnecessary administrative complications? I think that we can rely on present service personnel for satisfactory secretarial service.

2. Subject to your comments we propose this reply.

(a) We consider it is your province to initiate such proposals after consultation with your Committee of Advisers. Where differences occur you should request instructions.

(b) We concur.

(c) If you think present service personnel can give satisfactory objective service without internationalising secretariat then three suggested Secretaries-General seem superfluous. Ends.

1 See Document 171.

[AA:A3317, 1/46, ii]