21 Evatt to Hodgson and Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 47 CANBERRA, 11 January 1946


Your telegram 195 [1] received.

1. I am pleased Fraser's staunch support for Australia Security Council. Report of Egypt is difficult to understand because Egypt attitude throughout the war was one of doubtful neutrality right up to the battle of Alamein.

2. Solution is obvious both Australia and Canada should be supported by all British countries as both countries under Article 23 have claims to election.

3. If possible, voting should be made open and not secret as public opinion will not tolerate action in support of countries like Egypt as against Australia.

4. Possible compromise is choice of Canada or Australia for 2-year term and Australia or Canada for one year term. Six countries most entitled election are Australia, Canada, and then Yugoslavia and three others.

5. It is almost incredible that you should prefer any other country as against Canada but you must make satisfactory bargain with Canada.

6. You have completely misconceived position in causing dispute between Canada and Australia. Both countries are clearly the two most entitled to be selected under Article 23 apart from New Zealand.

7. If suggestion of selecting one dominion only is adopted future situation will be increasingly difficult.

8. You must move very quickly. I cannot understand making choice between Australia and Canada who both have such outstanding claims.

9. Wording of Article 23 is conclusive. It is true that it favours Australia as against Canada, but both countries have proved themselves Security powers in two world wars and that cannot be said of any other prospective candidates.

10. You will immediately act on this telegram and communicate substance of it to all British and other countries taking Fraser into action with you at all possible points.

1 Document 19.

[AA:A1838 T189, 854/4/2]