247 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Evatt

Cablegram UN133 NEW YORK, 15 May 946, 7.09 p.m.


The following formal communication addressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs was received today from the Secretary-General.

Begins-In accordance with the resolution of the Economic and Social Council of 15th February an International Health Conference will open on 19th June, 1946 3 p.m. at Hunter College, New York to establish a single International Health Organisation. I have the honor to invite your Government to send one or more representatives, experts in Public Health with full plenipotentiary powers to sign final Act establishing Health Organisation and protocol transferring to new Organisation functions of office International D'Hygiene Publique.

Report of technical preparatory Committee already circulated to members of United Nations. To facilitate hotel reservations would appreciate receiving names or number of members your delegation.



1 As no representative of the Commonwealth Dept of Health was available, the delegation nominated comprised Evatt, Tange, Wynes and Cilento, the last of whom had been supervising UNRRA operations in Germany.

[AA:A1067, ER46/3/10]