257 Evatt to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram E52 LONDON, 20 May 1946, 8.20 p.m.


1. My immediately following telegram [1] contains the text of a letter sent to Lord Addison, concerning the South Seas Commission.

2. Invitations accompanied by provisional Agenda should be sent to all Governments concerned not later than the third week in June.

Invitations will not be sent until acceptance assured.

3. The French Government have signified interest, but we will not issue invitations until approval is given informally. The Minister will be approaching the United States of America, informally, when in America next month. Preliminary sounding [of] the Dutch will also be made before then.

4. Australia is responsible for the preparation of papers e.g. on functions, organisation, Budget and specific projects, and other Governments ,should be invited to submit proposal before the third week in July to enable co-ordination.

5. Invitations will be from Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand should be closely associated with preliminary work even though this is our responsibility. The New Zealand Government should therefore be invited to send an Officer to Canberra to work with the Department from the beginning of June.

6. Please discuss with the Prime Minister and New Zealand, the most suitable date in August for the conference. If Parliament is available and no other conferences planned the third week in August would seem most suitable.

7. Further details regarding the use of Australian Radio facilities and the school of Pacific administration can be discussed at a conference with United Kingdom and others as well if interested.

1 Document 258.

[AA:A1838/2, 342/3]