274 Chifley to Evatt

Letter (extract) CANBERRA, 28 May 1946


[matter omitted] [1]

While in Japan [2] I had a long talk with MacArthur, and I also took the opportunity of having a talk with Macmahon Ball. it is quite clear that MacArthur does not like these advisory bodies, including the Far Eastern Commission, and is very fearful of the Russians. I suggested to Macmahon Ball that in view of our associations with MacArthur, and his friendliness towards us, we should not give the impression that we are ,ganging up' with his enemies in America, who I think are very numerous, or with the Russians. MacArthur expressed the desire, if it was at all possible, for you to visit Japan so that he could discuss some of these matters with you. I think it would be an advantage if you could make such a trip, although I know it would be very tiring.

[matter omitted]


1 The omitted portion concerned the dates of Evatt's return to Australia, and of Makin's departure for Washington, and a proposal for extensions to the Legation building in Washington.

2 Chifley visited Tokyo from 13 to 17 May.