279 Evatt to Dunk

Cablegram 678 WASHINGTON, 29 May 1946


Your UNY70 [1] and UNY71. [2]

I must say I do not feel much sympathy with the telegram UNY71. I think that Brookes should remain with Kirby during latter's assignment. I understand that Brookes was appointed on your own decision. He was certainly a stranger to me but I was impressed with his integrity and ability. Burton is more conversant with the situation than I, and it would be unwise to deprive Kirby of Brookes' experience. In circumstance I would postpone any action ... If Brookes exceeds ordinary functions it must be remembered that situation is unique one and I must say I do not like continual interference with man on the spot who is loyally serving Australia's interests. Please show this telegram to Burton and the Minister. Kind regards.

1 Dispatched 28 May, it conveyed the text of cablegram 102 from Brookes reporting his conversation with Sjahrir (see Document 273, paragraph 3).

2 Document 273.