285 Department of External Affairs to Kuskie

Cablegram 216 CANBERRA, 31 May 1946


South Seas Commission.

Please see Prime Minister's telegram to the Prime Minister of New Zealand. [1] Following is a very preliminary draft agenda. Please discuss this informally in detail with the Wellington Secretariat.

We would like to know the views of New Zealand officials before submitting a proposed agenda formally to the New Zealand Government.

(1) Status (advisory) and objectives of the Commission.

(2) Territorial Scope.

(3) Functions.

(a) Recommendations concerning services.

(i) Nature of services required.

(ii) Co-ordination and expansion of present services.

(iii) Establishment of new services.

(b) Recommendations concerning Research.

(i) Scope of research.

(ii) Organisation of research.

(c) Formal reports and publications.

(4) Relationship of Commission to- (a) Administrations and Governments.

(b) international Bodies.

(c) South Seas Conference.

(5) Location and internal Organisation of Commission and Secretariat.

(6) Finance.

(7) Legal questions.

(a) Agreement for establishment of Commission.

(b) Constitution of the Commission.

(c) Permanent Staff.

1 Document 278.

[AA:A1838/2, 343/1]