30 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Evatt

Cablegram 254 LONDON, 14 January 1946, 11.35 a.m.


Assembly 8.

Reference UND 1. [1] Security Council.

1. As all ballots were secret it is impossible to say definitely who voted for Australia but assurances received before the event and congratulations after election give some indication. Analysis of figures shows that in first Poll 17 countries including Australia voted for us and 11 other countries voted for both Australia and Canada. In succeeding votes we rose to total of 28 before Canada withdrew. Excluding our own vote we think our supporters were probably the following:-Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Greece, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, India, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Philippines. Remainder may have been made up either of European States such as Netherlands, Belgium or Denmark, or by further Latin Americans such as Colombia, Panama or Venezuela. New Zealand, the Arab Group and a few Latin Americans were our most consistent supporters. [2] Except for Yugoslavia which retains lively memories of Council of Foreign Ministers and which has been passed over by Russia in favour of Poland we could not count on any support from members within the Great Power Spheres of influence. United States was apologetic about inability to vote for us because of existence of a slate including Canada but after election expressed pleasure at result. Gromyko also informed Hodgson of his pleasure after the event.

2. It is again stressed that we have no means of knowing definitely who voted for us and above lists may exclude some unknown friends and include some. [3] In lobbying we based our case on Article 23 and strong Australian case for representation and avoided horse-trading or any commitments.

1 Document 29.

2 In cablegram 256 of 13 January, the delegation added Peru to the list of 'our consistent supporters'.

3 A sign here indicates 'word mutilated'.

[AA:A1838 T189, 854/4/2]