310 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram United Nations 196 NEW YORK, 13 June 1946, 5.51 p.m.


Security 99.

1. At the opening of Meeting of the Security Council today Dr.

Evatt with approval of all members of the Sub-Committee (Australia, Brazil, China, France, Poland) moved that Council adopt Sub-Committee's three recommendations [1] subject to modification of the second recommendation suggested by the United States and set out in paragraph 1(b) of Security 98. [2]

2. Resolution gained immediate support from the United States and (B) in Document 288, paragraph 5.

Egypt although [latter] [3] reserving position as to eventual discussion in Assembly.

3. Netherlands, while doubting whether the Council could refer the matter to the Assembly if it did not take direct action, stated that in the interests of gaining unanimity it would not oppose the resolution.

4. The Soviet Representative disagreed with the Sub-Committee findings that the situation in Spain was not a threat to peace and expressed vehement support for direct action by ordering members to take either diplomatic or economic action against Spain. He also objected to the Assembly being given any right to speak in the matter.

5. Council adjourned until Monday afternoon. Position is now that our resolution has support of all five members of the Sub- Committee and the United States and Egypt. We have reason for believing Mexico will support resolution and apparently Netherlands will abstain from voting. United Kingdom has not yet received instructions but we are hoping they will be able to join the United States. In this case issue will depend upon Soviet's veto. If Gromyko vetoes by dissent or abstention, proposal will be lost. If he joins the United States, proposal will be adopted.

6. General result is very satisfactory. Gromyko's statement of position only made Clear, firstly that Sub-Committee's findings are factually and legally justified, and, secondly, that Soviet's real object is to place Assembly in very subordinate role.

Minister has made deep impression on Council and officials as well as on public and enhances Australia's prestige as upholder of Charter against extremist interpretations and in favour of powers of the Assembly.

1 See Document 288, paragraph 5.

2 The modification added the words 'or alternatively such other action be taken as the General Assembly deems appropriate and effective under the circumstances prevailing at the time' to recommendation 3 Inserted from U.N. Mission copy on file SFU: Evatt Collection, External Affairs-original File (a).

[AA:A3195 1946, 1.15373]