319 Forsyth to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram CGA326 NEW YORK, 20 June 1946, 4.01 p.m.


South Seas Commission. Your 892. [1]

1. Agenda. General outline as suggested by New Zealand would be acceptable. At a later stage, however, it will be necessary to agree with New Zealand on a more detailed list of items so that the Agenda notes may be prepared along the lines of those which contributed largely to the success of Australia - New Zealand Conference of January, 1944. [2] This would best follow consideration of comments from other invited countries.

2. The Minister generally approves suggestion that the Agenda provide consideration, by the Conference, of a few specific matters which the Commission, when set up, would embark upon at once. This would lend reality to the discussions of the Conference. Please discuss with New Zealand Liaison in Canberra.

3. The level of representation should be Ministerial. The size of the Delegation is a matter for the participating Governments. If the French reply has not yet been received, please make enquiries of the French Legation as to when the reply may be expected. The State Department will be sounded this week. No action vis-a-vis the Dutch should be taken at present and no invitations to other Governments issued until their informal acceptance has been secured.

4. Canberra is preferred as the location for the Conference but if the prospects of accommodation in August are very uncertain tentative arrangements for taking the Lapstone Hotel [3] may be made subject to confirmation within a reasonable period.

5. Assume the preparation of basic documentation has begun.

Appreciate continuous full information on this and all other aspects.

6. Reference your 917. [4] The Minister will mention the proposed Conference to Acheson and you will be advised further as to your suggestion about Minter.

1 Document 308.

2 See Volume VII, Document 18.

3 A conference centre in the Blue Mountains.

4 Document 314.

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