320 Department of External Affairs to Kirby

Cablegram 60 CANBERRA 21 June 1946,


Further to our telegram 55. [1] Brookes has gone on recuperative leave.

2. We note from last sentence of paragraph 13 of your telegram rig that Sjahrir may be under the impression that an Indonesian request for Australian action in the United Nations Organisation would be acceded to. We think it would be wise if you could find some means of conveying to him very informally that it is most unlikely that the Australian Government would find such a course of action feasible, particularly at present in view of the difficulties experienced by the Security Council in handling the Persian and Spanish questions. You could add that there is no lack of sympathy in Australia for Indonesian aspirations for self- government; at the same time it is felt that both Dutch and Indonesians should do their utmost to reach an agreed solution during the present negotiations as the dangers of further delay are clearly very great.

3. For your information External Affairs Officer, London, has been asked to advise Foreign Office informally regarding Sjahrir's personal letter to Brookes [2] and to indicate that Australia is unlikely to take action as requested. He is to add that Australia strongly hopes that the Dutch and Indonesians can reach an agreed settlement and feels that no opportunity should be lost to impress upon the Dutch the dangers of further delay in reaching such a settlement.

1 See Document 299, note 7.

2 Document 291.

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