330 Department of External Affairs to Hood

Cablegram 418 CANBERRA, 26 June 1946



Reference para 1 of your 4370 [1] To avoid possible misunderstanding, we wish to make it clear that letter given by Sjahrir to Brookes [2] was addressed to Brookes personally and did not contain specific request to Australian Government to raise Indonesian question in United Nations. it stated that Indonesian Cabinet had unanimously agreed to proposal by Sjahrir that Australian Government could be approached and asked whether Brookes could do something along those lines. Kirby subsequently advised that he understood Sjahrir intended to indicate he might make a formal request to Australia if and when his counter proposals were turned down by the Dutch. [3]

2. For your information, Copland advises that Vice Foreign Minister, Liu, referred to deaths of Chinese in Indonesia, suggested political settlement in Indonesia should be expedited, and enquired whether Australia would be interested in participating in any such move. He also hinted at mediation or reference of problem to Security Council. Copland made no comment.

3. Early advice would be appreciated regarding present position in connection with our telegram 243 of 14th June to Dominions Office [4] concerning trial of Indonesians accused of murdering Australians.

4. Please send Officer copy of your 437 and this telegram.

1 Dispatched 21 June. Hood reported in paragraph 1 that the Foreign Office had only 'general knowledge' of Sjahrir's suggestion that Australia be asked to raise the matter of self- government for Indonesia with the United Nations, and that it was certain Bevin would be strongly against such action.

2 Document 291.

3 See Document 299.

4 Document 311.

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