46 Makin to Evatt

Cablegram 492 LONDON, 23 January 1946, 1.25 a.m.


1. Private and informal meeting of Security Council was held late yesterday evening in my room to discuss question of recommendation of Secretary General. [1]

2. Bevin opened discussion by indicating that there were only three definite candidates in the field, namely, Pearson, Simic and Bonnet all Ambassadors at Washington and his vote would go to Pearson. United States strongly supported Pearson, giving full biographical details.

3. The Soviet Union nominated Simic and France nominated Bonnet.

Qualities of each candidate were indicated by proposers.

4. There was some discussion as to whether there were any other candidates and proposal was advanced that all the members of the Assembly be asked whether they desired to nominate any candidate.

It was felt however this would result in complications and delay.

5. The Soviet Union then nominated the Foreign Minister for Poland [2] as a second candidate, while France added Van Kleffens.

Hodgson then said other names had been mentioned especially Lie of Norway who was understood to be a candidate, and asked if his or any other name was to be excluded from consideration.

6. It was agreed that Members of Council should informally seek views today from other Delegations as to likely candidates, and to hold another similar meeting on Wednesday. In the meantime five permanent members were to hold a meeting among themselves.

7. During discussions Brazil and China indicated a vote for Pearson, Poland for Simic while Mexico did not declare.

8. It may be that Soviet Union are holding Lie as compromise candidate in event of deadlock, but the indications last night were clearly that Soviet and Poland decided not to support him.

9. In the meantime Hodgson personally saw Lie yesterday and had a long conversation with him. He was favourably impressed with Lie who said definitely he would like the post but had no idea if he would receive the support of any of the Big Five.

10. I might add my impression is that Pearson will eventually get eight votes not counting Australia and that the Soviet will refuse to agree.

1 See Document 33.

2 Wincenty Rzymowski.

[AA:A3195, 1946, 1.1975]