125 Department of External Affairs to Stirling [1], Cutler and Hood

Cablegrams 341, 358, 613 CANBERRA, 18 September 1946

We are considering United Nations Assembly item regarding the claim by South Africa to incorporate in the Union the mandated territory of South West Africa.

2. At the Prime Minister's Conference in London in April-May, 1946, Dr. Evatt suggested that the proper course would be for South Africa to place South West Africa under trusteeship in the first instances, perhaps specifying [in] the agreement a provision that incorporation should take place if plebiscite showed majority in favour of such a course.

3. We are now even more inclined to the opinion, in the light of experiences at Paris Conference, that the proposal by South Africa to request the Assembly for approval to a direct and immediate incorporation is likely to meet serious opposition. It is particularly unfortunate that the same agenda should include the Indian complaint against South Africa. [2]

4. We are informed by South African Government that they have been assured of support for their proposal by the Governments of the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

5. Please ascertain informally whether Canadian, New Zealand and United Kingdom Governments have given South African Government definite undertaking as reported in paragraph 4 and also their views on paragraphs 2 and 3. [3]

1 The cablegram was addressed to the High Commissioner in Ottawa.

Stirling was at the Paris Peace Conference and Wynes was Acting High Commissoner.

2 i.e. India's complaint to the Secretary-General of 22 June regarding the treatment of Indians in South Africa.

3 Wynes and Cutler replied respectively on 20 and 23 September that the Canadian and New Zealand Govts denied having assured South Africa of support. No reply from Hood in London has been found.

[AA:A1067, P46/153/4]