141 Killearn to Evatt

Cablegram 695 SINGAPORE, 28 September 1946, 1.15 p.m.


Your telegram 569. [1]

Following telegram received from Lord Killearn to Dr. Evatt.

(Begins) I need not assure your Excellency that it is my wish and determination to act throughout in these negotiations in full agreement with the Australian Government. I am accordingly discussing the matter day by day with Mr. Ballard, Australian Representative here in Batavia. At the same time you will readily appreciate that my position in these highly delicate negotiations is a peculiar one in that I am only acting as Chairman (at present only at the opening meeting) because both parties have invited me personally to do so. I fear it is too late now to change this situation in view of the negotiations. I hope, therefore, that your Excellency will give me your confidence at this difficult and extremely critical moment when I am bound to use my personal judgement from hour to hour against the background policy which is known and agreed to. I will of course continue to work in the closest contact and collaboration with Mr. Ballard or anyone whom you may designate but the inescapable position is that there cannot be two hands on the rod or we shall lose the fish.

I feel sure your Excellency will appreciate this and the importance of doing nothing that might risk upsetting the issue of the negotiations.

1 Document 133.

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