267 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN856 NEW YORK, 30 November 1946, 12.59 p.m.


Security 191.

1. General Assembly results regarding admission of members were brought before the Security Council yesterday. [1] The Council agreed unanimously to refer preparation of new rules to the Committee of Experts which was asked to appoint a sub-committee to confer with whatever committee would be appointed by the Assembly.


2. On the proposal for re-examination of applications Australia moved that the Council accept the recommendation of the General Assembly and refer the question to the Committee on Membership.

While there was unanimous support for the first part of our resolution some members hesitated over the method of conducting the re-examination. The real difficulty which, however, was not discussed in debate is that the Russian attitude on Transjordan, Ireland and Portugal is probably unchanged [3], while on the other hand, United Kingdom and United States are unsatisfied with Albania, and having regard to the present state of great power relationships and Assembly discussions majority of members are unwilling to force either Soviet, Britain or United States into a position where they might have to exercise veto. Moreover, pressing for decision immediately would not serve interests of applicant States. Hesitation was so great that several members of Council could not accept even simple reference of question to Committee on Membership. Eventually, unanimous agreement was reached on adoption of first part of our resolution with understanding that President of Council would consult members before next meeting regarding best method of proceeding with re- examination.

1 See Document 212, note 2.

2 In plenary session of the General Assembly on 15 December, Australia, Cuba, India, Norway and the Soviet Union were appointed to the Committee on Procedure, which met for the first time on 26 May 1947.

3 See Document 94.

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