272 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram UNY440 CANBERRA, 3 December 1946


Minister does not want Makin and Bailey to be without discretion trusteeship matter despite our strong feeling on tactics of several other nations. For instance clause on the freedoms already binds Australia and it seems extraordinarily quaint to include it again except for purpose of embarrassment on occasion of annual reports. None the less we do not want even by unfair propaganda to be put in mere negative position particularly in view of active encouragement of Christian Missionary work. Therefore you can include Paragraph D of your draft [1] if you feel it desirable always emphasising that this is no new policy and is strictly in accord with administrative practice.

2. This message is sent because your telephone call is rendered impossible by condition of circuit. We understand your difficulties but you must equally understand ours because trusteeship is matter for government and it is impossible to alter government approved draft especially in piecemeal and confused way in which the various points emerge.

3. Accordingly whatever you do must be made expressly subject to the final approval of the Australian Government and the Australian Parliament.

1 See Document 265.

[AA:A4311, BOX 481]