306 Evatt to Makin

Cablegram 1734 CANBERRA, 10 December 1946


Your UN.961. [1]

1. I have been extremely concerned over several matters before the Assembly. Parliament has been in session and unless the Delegation kept carefully to its instructions great embarrassment might have been caused.

2. With regard to the telegram to which you refer concerning the veto the facts stated there were correct and based on the Delegation's reports. The final success which was achieved by the Delegation and your UN.957 [2] paragraph 2 reporting on your action on instructions bears out the contention that at these conferences it is the delegation which stands fast to its instructions and outlasts all others in the fight which wins eventually. I know that these conferences require the utmost exertion on the part of all members of the Delegation. The Delegation has overall achieved most of its objects in spite of the tactics and manoeuvres of the Soviet bloc and the unreliable support of some of the nations on whom we should count. The Delegation has depended however on instructions to know how far it should go in pressing Australia's views and as in the case of the veto such instructions have proved to be necessary and justified.

3. My telegram was addressed to you personally, and should not have been distributed. Your comment is quite uncalled for.

However, I should like to speak to you on phone.

1 Document 298.

2 Document 295.

[AA:A3196, 1946, 0.23167]