67 Evatt to Chifley

Cablegram P144 PARIS, 13 August 1946, 7.20 p.m.


Your P.143. [1]

1. I am glad that the Trusteeship Statement has been made and reception has been good. However, it is not practicable to clear the matter with the Foreign Ministers at Paris as their appropriate advisors are not here. I suggest, therefore, that the Governments concerned be approached in the first instance through Canberra. [2]

2. Of course, we can promise support for New Zealand draft at the Assembly on the understanding of reciprocity from them. I agree with (A) as to States directly concerned and still think that New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and France should be asked to approve our draft without elaborate discussion of the meaning 'States directly concerned', leaving the matter free for discussions and argument at the Conference.

1 Document 60.

2 On 15 August minor amendments to the draft agreement and an accompanying aide-memoire were dispatched to posts for passing, with the draft agreement, to the governments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States and France. Copies were given to their representatives in Australia on the following day.

[AA:1838/238, 306/1/1, ii]