73 Evatt to Hasluck

Cablegram unnumbered [PARIS], 18 August 1946


1. Many thanks for your comprehensive telegram U.N.366. By this time you will have received my telegram No. 14 [1] informing you of attitude you should adopt to each application for admission.

2. Reference your paragraph 4. I consider Yugoslavia and Greece are entitled to participate in discussion of Albania's application and I also consider it would be advisable for you to support Greek resolution regarding Investigation Committee. [2]

3. Reference your paragraph 5. Use by permanent members of reciprocal threats [of] veto are so intolerable that I consider situation needs public criticism and exposure.

4. I agree with remarks expressed in your paragraph 8 which you should represent as official views of Australian Government. [3]

5. Above all other considerations you should endeavour to avoid at present any controversy in Security Council with United Kingdom or United States.

1 Document 71.

2 Hasluck had reported that, if allowed to participate in Security Council discussions, Greece might propose that an investigation committee be sent to Albania.

3 Hasluck, in applying Evatt's policy of full investigation, had expressed concern in the Membership Committee that several applications for new membership had been made 'without precise indication whether they are in conformity with constitutional requirements of respective countries and without any other procedure equivalent to ratification'.