90 Evatt to Killearn

Cablegram 24 SINGAPORE, 28 August 1946, 12.11 p.m.


Many thanks for your letter. [1] I appreciate your references to Australian interests in South East Asia affairs and have come to the conclusion that our participation in talks should be arranged.

2. I am satisfied that our views about the Netherlands East Indies run parallel to those of your own, as also Lord Inverchapel with whom I recently discussed the matter. Australian relationships with the present Dutch Foreign Minister at Paris are extremely cordial. We are anxious to preserve Dutch sovereignty and interests but are anxious not to have further delays with Indonesian self government indefinitely dangled before the Indonesians without tangible results. Long continuance of the present dispute is an open sore and has had repercussions in India and elsewhere. Moreover at any time the matter may again be before the Security Council. Very best wishes to yourself. Am looking forward to welcoming you and Lady Killearn in Australia in the near future.

1 Killearn had written on 26 August that 'Australian representatives should participate in all decisions that are taken', the extent being determined by the Australian Govt.

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