144 Usman to Chifley

Telegram MELBOURNE, [23 July 1947]

Received 24 July 1947 [1]

Following the appeals of my President Doctor Soekarno [2] and my Prime Minister Doctor Amir Sjarifuddin [3] I as representative in Australia of the Republic of Indonesia appeal to you in the name of humanity and in the interests of friendship between our countries to do your utmost to bring about an end of Dutch aggression which involves misery and slaughter of millions of my people. Your good offices will be deeply and eternally appreciated.

1 Usman's telegram was addressed to Chifley at Canberra. The Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, E. W. Tonkin, replied on 24 July that Chifley was in Queensland, but that Usman's message would be brought to his notice as early as possible. A copy was referred to the Department of External Affairs that same day.

2 See Document 133 and note 5 thereto.

3 See Document 138, note 8.

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