149 Ballard to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 248 BATAVIA, 25 July 1947, 2.05 a.m.


Graham Jenkins has just told me that he personally heard and took a note of the following broadcast from Djokjakarta at a few minutes after midnight announced as a special message from Sjarifoeddin, Prime Minister of Indonesia, addressed to Ballard, Australian Consul-General at Batavia.


(1) In view of the recent developments in Indonesia and with particular regard for the major outbreak of hostilities and the rupture of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia, I wish formally to request you to represent the interests of the Government of Indonesia with the other neutral Governments for the purpose of facilitating and promoting those diplomatic relations and contacts which already existed before the outbreak of hostilities.

(2) In view of the fact that there are no alternative means of communication available I would suggest that you reply to this request by radio.

(3) In the event of your reply being in the affirmative, the Republican Government is prepared to facilitate any other permanent means of direct contact.

(4) I should be grateful if you would reply at the earliest possible moment and by means suggested.


2. Please telegraph instructions at the earliest moment.

[AA : A1838/278, 401/3/1/1, iii]