151 Addison to Australian Government

Cablegram 153 LONDON, [24 July 1947], 10.07 p.m.


Your telegram of today No. 193-Indonesia. [1]

My telegram of today, D. No. 642 [2] will have shown you that we are convinced that the only hope of arresting the present course of events lies in inducing the Netherlands Government to accept some form of arbitral solution. We have been looking further into the legal and other aspects of this today and our examination only serves to confirm us in the view that this is the most practical and soundest course.

2. We fully appreciate the urgency of the Indonesian crisis as it affects Australia and shall send you, as soon as possible, a further most immediate telegram setting out more fully the results of our examination referred to above and the conclusions which, in our view, followed from it. Meanwhile, we would again stress the undesirable consequences which we consider likely to ensue from reference to the Security Council and would express our earnest hope that you will suspend the action foreshadowed in paragraph 3 of your telegram until you have received our further telegram.

1 Document 145.

2 Document 150.

[AA : A1838/274, 854/10/4, i]