154 Burton to Chifley [1]

Telegram CANBERRA, 25 July 1947


Tentative reply is earnest hope we will not act as indicated. [2] Reason given is a power on Security Council might take opportunity to discredit Western Powers in eyes Asiatic peoples. But inaction by Western Powers far more likely to discredit them, particularly us, and if matter referred to Security Council by unfriendly power dis-creditation will be all the greater. Am more and more convinced real reason is desire avoid open debate involving friendly power and to extent this is so there is total disregard our own vital interests. Present move is joint U.K.-U.S. mediation and arbitration. For reasons stated above it is essential we be associated with any such action and Minister made this point to London weeks ago [3] and Beasley subsequently has followed up. [4] Am making these points to Beasley [5] while awaiting further reply promised. [6]

1 Chifley was in Mackay, Queensland.

2 See Documents 150 and 151.

3 See Document 91.

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5 See Document 155 and note 1 thereto.

6 See Document 151.

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