171 Legge to Burton

Minute CANBERRA, 28 July 1947


Mr. Barsdell reported that he had broadcast several times on Saturday in English, Dutch and Malay the report of the Government's reply to the Indonesian broadcast regarding diplomatic representation, as requested. [1] He wished to know if there were any further information about this matter that he could use for Radio Australia.

2. He reported that Radio Australia is giving a neutral account of the dispute, broadcasting only summaries of the information that he picks up from various sources as far as the actual events are concerned. As far as the Australian angle goes, he has broadcast a balanced account giving, for example, the religious leaders' and the Trades and Labour Council protests, and also the statements of the Dutch Attache in Melbourne and of Mr. Teppema.

3. Dr. Leyser reports that he has now got a 24-hour cover [2] on what can be heard from Djokjakarta, Batavia and Hilversum. [3]

1 See Documents 149, 153, 163 and 169.

2 See Document 157.

3 The site of the Netherlands shortwave radio service.

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