182 Beasley to Chifley

Cablegram 227 LONDON, 29 July 1947, 1.50 p.m.


Pressed again this morning for an answer to your 200. [1] Advised that draft reply is being presented to Cabinet at the moment.

No definite reply has been received from United States and unofficially I was informed that draft reply before Cabinet contains reference that if Australian Government feel they should take certain course, British Government should not dissuade them from doing so.

India: Decision appears to be contrary to what Bevin felt after his talk with their Representative in London. Bevin apparently felt he had made case for arbitration along lines British had recommended and I judge their decision to approach the Security Council came as a surprise. In fact Heydon first broke the news to the Dominions Office of India's decision. I am awaiting Cabinet's decision. Consequently this information is to keep you informed and is not final result their deliberations.

1 Document 174.

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