183 Heydon to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 309 LONDON, 29 July 1947, 7.06 p.m.



Following additional information has come to hand since last telegram. [1]

2. I understand Bevin has asked Nehru through Krishna Menon to defer action about bringing the Indonesian situation to the Security Council for a few clays anyway. No reply has yet been received. There is no reason to suppose Nehru will accept the request but, as his decision may be relevant to our decision on Wednesday, have suggested to Delhi that they should report to you direct on the matter.

3. Your telegram 268. [2] Paragraphs 4 and 5. It is understood the United Kingdom officials think that Article 17 of Linggadjati Agreement is completely applicable to the present situation, although no actual decision has been made on this point.

4. Understand it has been decided to stop supply of arms, etc. to Dutch in the Far East. [3]

1 Document 182.

2 Document 179.

3 See Document 152 and note 4 thereto.

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