203 Department of External Affairs to Mackay

Cablegram 288 CANBERRA, 31 July 1947


Please inform the Indian Government that we are glad to see that the Indian Government has carried out its proposed action and referred the matter under Article 35. [1]Our action is not inconsistent with this and, in fact, if action under Article 39 fails it will be essential to fall back on Article 35. We took care to time our action so that Australia and India would be acting more or less simultaneously and for that reason we delayed several hours. We shall keep the Indian Government closely informed of developments and we shall instruct our representatives at New York to keep in touch with anyone there whom the Indian Government might nominate to represent.

1 The Indian submission to the President of the Security Council was lodged at the United Nations in New York on 30 July, prior to the Australian submission, but the latter took precedence on the Council's agenda. The text of the Indian communication is given in Document 213.

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