238 Burton to Ballard

Cablegram 217 CANBERRA, 4 August 1947


I do not know whether you have any means of direct communication with the Indonesians. I particularly want a message to go to them to the effect that they should endeavour to have Australia included in any mediation negotiations, for example, America and Australia could jointly act as a third party. I particularly want also an Australian official to be with the Indonesians, perhaps accredited to their Capital, in order to assist and advise. Our only means of communication is by air. I imagine Gani will be returning in the near future, and it may be as well to speak to him. We feel we are perhaps in the best position to ensure fair and just treatment and, if the matter is to be referred to the Security Council again, we are certainly in the best position to do it and should therefore know the inside story.

[AA:A1838/274, 854/10/4, ii]