260 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 131 THE HAGUE, 7 August 1947, 6.08 p.m.


INDONESIA. My telegram 130. [1]

As the Minister for Foreign Affairs was fully occupied in long cabinet meeting I saw the acting chief of the Political Section last evening and acted in accordance with paragraph six your telegram 100. [2] The latter took careful note of your advice but would not discuss it. He has just now informed me that the Minister for Foreign Affairs is considering it and will give me reply tomorrow.

2. I fear that the Dutch cannot appreciate the need for either speedy or dramatic action and are inclined to think they have done everything necessary.

3. I have communicated to External Affairs Department the text of the Prime Minister's statement [3] today and emphasized especially reasons (c) and (d) given in your telegram 102 [4] which seem to impress them. But I am not optimistic that they will rise to the occasion.

1 Document 257.

2 Document 242.

3 Document 255.

4 Cablegram 102 to the Legation in The Hague advised that Chifley's statement had been prompted by: '(a) Serious reports from Ballard that truce situation cannot last much longer without recommencement of hostilities; (b) Reports of United States offer of mediation as distinct from arbitration; (c) Reports that mediation, and in particular, United States mediation alone is not acceptable to Indonesians; (d) Reports of invitations from Indonesians to eleven countries to form a Commission which we would regard as completely unworkable.'

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