291 Burton to Teppema

Letter CANBERRA, 19 August 1947

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of 18th August regarding the proposal that all Consuls de Carriere in Batavia should report on the actual situation in Java, Sumatra and Madura.


It is noted that this suggestion has been made to the Security Council. The Australian representative on the Security Council has been instructed to accept such a suggestion as part of other proposals which he is putting forward, but on condition that the Consuls act as agents for the Security Council and report to it.


The proposal raises an administrative problem, that is, the person who would act if such a proposal were accepted. As far as this Government is concerned, it would be necessary to send additional staff to the Consulate, as, at the moment, there is only one officer on the staff and it would not be possible for him to leave his post for any length of time as would be required.

You will see, therefore, that, as the matter is at the present time being discussed by the Security Council, the Government is not in a position to accept or reject the invitation conveyed by you.

1 See Document 289.

2 See Document 288.

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